Netflix Original Series’ “The OA” Premieres!

Netflix Original Series’ “The OA” Premieres!
December 16, 2016 brian

Versatile Actor K. Todd Freeman records ADR at BAM for “The OA”!


Audio Engineer Philip von During and Assistant Alejandra Leon recorded ADR with K. Todd Freeman in Studio B!  He is known for his roles in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, “Dangerous Minds”, “Grosse Pointe Blank”, and Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. K. Todd Freeman stars as one of the Masters in “The OA”.

“The OA” is a Sci-fi Drama series follows a young woman who after seven years returns home with new mysterious abilities. She then recruits 5 strangers to accompany her on a secret mission. You can stream this mysterious TV show on Netflix right now!
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