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  • BAMda’s audio tips!

      🚫 Don’t smooch the mic! 😘🎤 BAMda is showing what NOT to do. 🚫 Proper mic placement is crucial for…

  • BAMda and Bailey for Mental Health Awareness Month!

    BAMda and Bailey … friends forever celebrating mental health awareness month.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day From BAMda!

    BAMda has gathered all his sweets and is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day! How are you spending your Valentine?

  • BAMda Valentine's Day

    Happy 2018 Valentine’s Day!

        BAMda spent Valentine’s Day recording a love poem for all the single ladies out there! Who knew he…

  • BAMda St. Paddy's Day

    BAMda brings Luck on St. Paddy’s Day!

    BAM celebrates another year of Good Luck with BAMda on St. Paddy’s Day!   Nothing looks more dapper than a…

  • Merry Christmas from BAM!

    BAMda’s been (literally) sitting on his pile of presents for the past couple of weeks, guarding them with every inch…