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  • Alfre Woodard - Series of Unfortunate Events

    Alfre Woodard recorded ADR at BAM for a Netflix series!

      Alfre Woodard stopped by at BAM Studios to record ADR with our audio engineers, Matt Sauro and Sean Sbarbori. Alfre…

  • Jon Heder Pickle and Peanut

    Jon Heder records VO at BAM for “Pickle and Peanut”!

      “Pickle and Peanut” is Disney XD’s mixture between animation & live-action format. This buddy comedy follows small-town teenagers Pickle…

  • Lusia Strus

    Lusia Strus records for “Good Behavior” at BAM!

      Chicago native actress, Lusia Strus, recorded ADR at BAM for season 2 of “Good Behavior“.  She recorded with audio engineer…