BAM mixes CNBC’s “American Greed”!

BAM mixes CNBC’s “American Greed”!
January 30, 2017 brian

Kurtis Productions visited BAM to collaborate on a new episode of  CNBC’s “American Greed“! Audio Engineer Matt Sauro provided Sound Design and Sound Mixing for this episode. BAM has worked on multiple “American Greed” episodes since 2013!

“American Greed” is a true crime series that inspects the dark side of the American Dream.

In this episode, “The Real ‘War Dogs'”, teenager Efraim Diveroli scams the government by selling damaged military equipment. Check out the promo below to get a glimpse of this shocking story! You can also catch this episode on CNCBC tonight, January 31st at 10p ET/PT!


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