Premieres: “Chicago P.D.”, “Chicago Med” & “The Exorcist”

Premieres: “Chicago P.D.”, “Chicago Med” & “The Exorcist”
September 21, 2016 brian
Premieres this week: "Chicago P.D.", "Chicago Med", & "The Exorcist"!

Get ready to make a lot of room in your TV lineup schedule because this week is bursting with premieres that BAM has been a part of!


“Chicago P.D.” Airs Wednesday!

NBC’s hit cop drama “Chicago P.D.” premieres it’s fourth season Wednesday September 21st at 10/9c on NBC! Since last season left us with a lot of burning questions like how will Burgess cope now that Roman is gone; will Voight have to face the consequences of his actions; and what’s going on with Halstead and Lindsay?

Check out the sneak peak for the exciting first episode!


“Chicago Med” Airs Thursday!

Next up is another NBC hit and “Chicago” spin-off series “Chicago Med”! The series premieres its second season on Thursday September 22nd at 9/8c on NBC! The entire cast returns for the thrilling medical drama that’s upping the ante in its sophomore season.

Check out the fun promo for its season premiere!


“The Exorcist” Airs Friday!

Lastly, FOX’s hotly anticipated “The Exorcist” finally premieres this Friday at 9/8c on FOX! The series, an adaptation of the 1973 horror film and novel of the same name, follows Father Tomas Ortega when he is approached by a mother (played by Geena Davis) who believes her daughter is possessed by a demon.

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