Mountain Men records for Season 6 at BAM!

Mountain Men records for Season 6 at BAM!
August 24, 2017 brian

D.B. Sweeney returns to BAM for another Season of Mountain Men!

Mountain Men is now in its prime for Season 6! This reality TV series focuses on those who want to live life off the grid and in the depths of wilderness. Using only what nature provides, three men devote themselves to endure long frigid winters and very hungry animals in the face of survival. Season 6 has featured jaw-dropping moments like a slip of an axe, a family of wolves, and one man building a cabin in dropping temperatures.

Pictured above is actor D.B. Sweeney! He is known for his work in Brother Bear, Taken 2, and Two and a Half Men. D.B. Sweeney has recorded VO narration for Mountain Men at BAM since 2013. Each season of the show has gotten wilder! Catch this brutal series on the one and only History Channel on Thursdays at 8PM CST!
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