BAM sound mixes “Blueprint for Bronzeville”!

BAM sound mixes “Blueprint for Bronzeville”!
August 30, 2017 brian

The heart-warming short documentary, Blueprint for Bronzeville, premiered at Gene Siskel Center!


(Pictured from Left to Right) Arlen Parsa, Valencia, Tristan Hanson, and Aly Leon at the Blueprint for Bronzeville Premiere at the Gene Siskel Center.


In 2016, BAM’s audio engineer, Aly Leon, sound mixed the short documentary Blueprint for Bronzeville. This documentary follows the citizen activists in Bronzeville, a neighborhood on Chicago’s south side, who fight for affordable housing in wake of gentrification and the abundance of empty lots. The film delves not only into the history of the Bronzeville area, but also the lives of the citizens through their activism.

 We collaborated with Chicago-based veteran producers Arlen Parsa & Tristan Hanson in process of this documentary. Arlen Parsa has produced other documentaries such as The Way to Andina, a film featuring his discovery of his great grandfather’s opera that was never performed. Tristan Hanson has also produced American Arab & On Beauty with Kartemquin Films.

Recently, the film became an official selection of the Black Harvest Film Festival! The documentary premiered at the Gene Siskel Center on August 28 as a part of this fest. We’re excited to see this powerful documentary spread its message as it tours the film festival circuit. The smallest of neighborhoods and groups can sometimes make the biggest impact.


Check out the trailer of this documentary below!


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