BAM Records for Amazon’s “Patriot”!

BAM Records for Amazon’s “Patriot”!
November 29, 2016 brian

Actor Terry O’Quinn stopped into BAM Studios to record ADR for Amazon’s newest original series “Patriot”. Terry O’Quinn will be playing the role of Tom Tavner. BAM’s Matt Sauro recorded him on BAM’s ADR Stage A. The series revolves around John Travner, an Intelligence officer who goes undercover at a pipeline company in order to help stop Iran from going nuclear.

Along with O’Quinn, other actors on “Patriot”; Kathleen Munroe, Mark Boone Jr,Tony Fitzpatrick, Antoine McKay, and Karen Woditsch have been recorded for the upcoming series at BAM.

Check out the trailer for the pilot episode of “Patriot” here:

Click here to watch the pilot episode on Amazon!

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