Smart gets BAM to help educate our youth!

Smart gets BAM to help educate our youth!
April 13, 2012 brian

Jules Burke, owner of Smart Productions in Chicago, called upon BAM Studios to mix the latest series of ETA Cuisenaire educational videos. The Core PD videos focus on new tools and techniques used in classrooms, that enrich teaching and engage students in math, reading/language arts, and science.

BAM’s sound engineer Philip von During used the latest noise reduction tools to aid in mixing 20 videos totaling nearly an hour and 45 mins of content. “You can imagine how noisy a classroom can be, so picking the right audio source and trying to reduce the background noise seamlessly was a delicate process.” Philip says.   The entire process was made all the easier with the expertise of Smart Production’s extensive experience in shooting these types of videos and editing prowess of Mike Buhrow.  Smart Productions is a video production company that specializes in creating multimedia educational videos designed to supplement new teaching methods.

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