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  • Lookout… BAM’s a Teenager!!

    BAM Studios turns 13 this December, and BAM founder Brian Reed would like to say “THANK YOU!   I started…

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    Two of BAM’s finest!

    Johnathon’s BACK! ….for the summer. Here’s the amazing coordinating duo Lisa Woods and Johnathon Karcz together again providing BAM with…

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    BAM Studios creates an “original” Holiday Song!

    The sound team at BAM Studios were busy preparing their annual custom Holiday Song last week.  The “original” song was…

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    BAM Studios 2010 Holiday Dinner

    Johnathon, Philip, Matt, Brian, Dave

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    Pixar and Joan Cusack Back to BAM for Round 2

    Actress Joan Cusack and the folks at Pixar came to BAM for another round of recording for their upcoming movie…

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    Screen Magazine – ECU: Johnathon Karcz / BAM Studios

    ECU: Johnathon Karcz Birth Date: August of 1982 Grew up in: South Side of Chicago Years in the business: Soon…

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    Sean Bean for O2 Cell

    BAM recorded Sean Bean (Actor) for O2 Cell Phone commercials to promote upcoming World Cup Rugby.  He was in Chicago…

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    Screen Magazine – Lucky Seven

    – Brian, Dave, and Johnathon – Lucky Seven: BAM Studios Celebrates Seven Summers In The Production Community The summer of…

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    REEL CHICAGO – Dreamserver

    The Midwest’s biggest music/effects library is contained on BAM Studios’ new Dream Server. BAM Studio’s Brian Reed is a persistent…