Need a Podcast produced? Record at BAM!

Need a Podcast produced? Record at BAM!
September 1, 2017 brian


Some of you may ask…”What is a Podcast?”. Podcasts are digital audio files that you can stream or download through the internet. Audiences can subscribe to podcasts that tend to be series of their own. They can ranges from how-to guides, chats about dog breeds, to even western stories. Before you delve deep into the world of podcasts, check out the list of ones BAM worked on below!

“Conversations with Giants”


The BAM team has been sound mixing Epsilon’s podcast series, “Conversations With Giants” for over one year, and amounting to 37 episodes so far! This insightful podcast focuses on the great industry that is advertising! Listen to the journeys of the leaders within advertising as they cover topics such as the objectification of women, the importance of fostering fresh ideas, and more. Click the picture or the link below to hear the podcast now!


“The Pod Couple”

BAM’s audio engineer, Philip von During, recorded the VO along with mixing multiple episodes of “The Pod Couple“.  We’ve worked with Epsilon’s creative team to bring this podcast to fruition. This podcast features commentary by John Immesoete, a Chief Creative Officer at Epsilon Agency, and Barbara Lippert, long-time advertising critic and media journalist. They cover the media culture with episodes focusing on, The Future of Advertising, Gaming & Augmented Reality within Marketing, along with Anti-Sexism in the World of Kardashians. Listen to some of the episodes now by clicking the link below!

“Options Industry Council Podcasts”


Our audio engineer Dave Leffel helped record the VO for a slew of episodes of the “Options Industry Council” podcasts. The Options Industry Council, also known as OIC, provides education about the advantages & drawbacks of exchange-listed equity options. In addition to hosting seminars & posting videos on their website, they also have an extensive podcast list. BAM recorded their podcasts for over 3 years whilst in production! Learn more about strategies in investing at the link below!
Many of our audio engineers listen to podcasts daily besides recording them! If you or your company is ready to create your own podcast, contact us to help you produce it! Click on this link to contact us now.
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