CineBAM makes a Cameo in Chicago Fire’s return!

CineBAM makes a Cameo in Chicago Fire’s return!
January 5, 2018 brian

BAM’s Brian Reed & Audio Engineer Sean Sbarbori on set of Chicago Fire at CineBAM!

After recording & supervising ADR for all previous seasons of Chicago Fire, our own CineBAM location was used to film for a cameo in Season 6! The production designers of the series transformed our ADR Stage at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios lot into a radio station for the episode by attaching new microphones, hanging up posters, and more!

We loved having the cast and crew of Chicago Fire at CineBAM! Actors such as Miranda Rae Mayo and Yuri Sardarov starred in this scene. Even better, Yuri came to BAM’s main location to record ADR for his CineBAM scene!


If you listen closely during the scene,  you can hear Matt Sauro‘s voice for the radio promo in the background! He created a WIXA radio promo in which he recorded his own VO, sound designed, and mixed! It’s hilarious hearing his voice in this episode and we’re proud that the opener embodied the WIXA radio feel.

Listen to BAM’s radio sampler below!

This was an exciting experience for all at BAM! Brian Reed (Founder & Owner of BAM Studios) stated, “When Chicago Fire asked me about filming in our studio for an upcoming episode, I felt beyond honored! We’ve recorded & supervised ADR for the series for 6 years, but never thought we’d actually be featured as a location in the show. It was really cool to be on set during the filming process. Being on the post audio side of things, we usually have the footage given to us already. Since being on set during that process,  I have a new found respect for the production side of the business and what it takes to film a TV show.  There are so many people involved and so much time put in to get every scene just right. The cast & crew behind Chicago Fire are just amazing!”
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