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    BAM Studios showcased in Vintage King Audio’s latest print campaign!

    Vintage King Audio showcased BAM’s Studio A in their new print campaign for the latest issue of Mix Magazine.  The…

  • BAM Studios August 2012 “ECD” Ad

    CD + BAM = ECD ….. Just Sayin’

  • BAM Studios April 2012 “Executive Producer” Ad

    Producer + BAM = Executive Producer

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    BAM Studios January 2012 “Senior Copywriter” Ad

    Senior Copywriter + BAM = Creative Director

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    BAM Studios creates an “original” Holiday Song!

    The sound team at BAM Studios were busy preparing their annual custom Holiday Song last week.  The “original” song was…

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    BAM Studios August News about 2011 Summer Party!

    400 Guests 825 Martinis Served 30 Cases Of Champagne 2 Tuxedos 58 Hangovers 1 Kick Ass Party Bond Night Comes…