Top 5 Netflix Shows BAM worked on!

Top 5 Netflix Shows BAM worked on!
April 28, 2017 brian

BAM Ranks their Top 5 Favorite Netflix Original Shows they’ve recorded ADR for!


Netflix has become the home staple of binge watching some of the greatest shows of the decade! BAM has been fortunate enough to record a multitude of ADR work for these Original shows. We’re ready to share our Top 5 favorites as of 2017! Of course, in the next few years, we know that Netflix will step their game up, and we’ll have a new pack of shows we’ve been lucky to work on. Till then, check out these 5 shows!

5. The OA


BAM recorded ADR with K. Todd Freeman known for his roles in TV Series such as “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Dangerous Minds”.  He stars as one of the Masters in “The OA”. This Sci-fi Drama series follows a young woman who after seven years returns home with new mysterious abilities. She then recruits 5 strangers to accompany her on a secret mission. You can currently bing watch this show now in prep for the 2nd season renewal.

4. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Joan Cusack came to BAM to record ADR as Justice Strauss for this highly anticipated show. Joan is known for the famous role of Jessie in the “Toy Story” Series. “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is a renowned book series that follows the lives of three orphaned Baudelaires children. They attempt to uncover the mystery behind their parent’s death while being pursued by their mischievous relative, Count Olaf, played by Neil Patrick Harris. This is a great adventure comedy series to watch, which lands this show at 4th place.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


For the upcoming Season 3 premiere of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt“, Daveed Diggs recorded ADR at BAM. Daveed is known as a Grammy/Tony Award winner in 2016 for his work in the hit Broadway show “Hamilton”. Daveed acts in a few episodes in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. This show focuses on a woman who starts her life anew in New York City after getting rescued from a doomsday cult in Indiana. The new season is set to premiere on May 19, 2017! This comedy was created by the ultimate comedian, Tina Fey. Her humor gives this show life, landing it the #3 position.


2. Stranger Things


Stranger Things” is essentially the 80’s dream (or even nightmare) that we all wished for! Joe Keery, known for his role in the indie hit “Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party”, recorded ADR at BAM for “Stranger Things”. This show follows a young boy that vanishes into thin air! It’s a Sci-Fi Fantasy series that emulates beloved 80’s feel from films like “Goonies”, “E.T.”, and “Close Encounters”. It’s ready to stream right now! If you haven’t seen this show already, it’s definitely something to put in your queue. The 2nd season is set to premiere this fall on October 31! Quite Spooky!

1. Orange is the New Black

Adrienne C. Moore visited BAM to record ADR for her role as Cindy Hayes in the Netflix hit, “Orange is the New Black“. This show revolves around the relationships between diverse female prison inmates as they serve time. The series is based on a book by Piper Kerman and her life in a female prison. This show hits facets of comedy in the antics between inmates, drama as certain inmates struggle with their past life decisions, and romance within the prison itself. The characters embody diversity and provides a new experience for viewers to empathize with the lives of others, landing it the #1 spot on our list. The 5th season is set to premiere on June 9, 2017!
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