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  • New Studio Photos!

    We’ve updated and added new studio photos to our website!  Studio A, Studio D, Podcast Studio, and more!

  • BAM Studios - American Greed Financial Infidelity

    BAM mixes CNBC’s latest episode of American Greed.

    BAM handled audio post-production for tonight’s episode of CNBC’s American Greed, “Financial Infidelity.” American Greed is a documentary television series…

  • Yes, We Mix.

    Yes, We Mix. BAM 24:7

  • BAM mixes Big Ten series “The B1G Trip: Wisconsin Basketball in France”

    BAM teamed up with the Big Ten Network to handle audio post-production for their new series titled “The B1G Trip:…

  • Have you met Alex?

    Have you met Alex Vaca? He’s part of BAM’s audio team. With his smarts and diligence, he approaches every project…

  • The one and only BAM T-Shirt!

    This is one seriously comfortable T-Shirt!  Only from BAM.